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Why I Wrote the Book: This story comes across as one that we all know about . . . but, in reality, know so little about!  Despite the fact that the Cain and Abel saga is the first lethal conflict on this planet, which implies it’s at the very heart of the great controversy,–and yet it has so many unanswered questions,–that’s what pulled me into writing the book.  As my decision to do so has no regrets, so your decision to read the book will have none as well!

Book Synopsis: Cain vs Abel: Not an Open and Shut Case:

Don’t we all know the Cain vs. Abel story? You might be surprised at what we know very little about. That’s what drew me into writing my newest book:  Cain vs. Abel—Not an Open and Shut Case.

While Cain and Abel’s story reads like a brief police report, their tragic, lethal narrative plays a definitive role at the heart of the great controversy. To learn more about what God is revealing about this significant human warfare, we must evaluate their story like a criminal investigator researching unanswered questions. I invite you to use this book as your guide to your own investigation and newfound discoveries.

BOTH paperback and Kindle (only $4.95) versions are available on Amazon worldwide.