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Book Synopsis:  Christians face fundamental questions regarding deep issues and everyday problems: Are there situations in life where obedience to God’s law is not the most practical solution? Is lying always wrong? Situation ethics attempts to answer questions like these by affirming that doing the loving thing is a higher priority than obedience to God’s law.

In Faith, Hope and Clarity, Gordon demonstrates how disregard for divine law, though seemingly attractive, reasonable, and practical, is untenable. He reveals how a situationalist follows a misguided ego rather than an objective standard. Whether we manipulate others to suit our own purposes, lie to avoid embarrassment, or commit a minor indiscretion, it’s just a quick fix, something that only lasts for a season.

Discover how the eye of faith adheres to God’s directives, unblinded by sin’s attractive glow; it contemplates a lifetime, it considers eternity.