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Why I Wrote the Book: Adventists are definitely not immune from doubts, are we? As students of God’s Word, we all take our beliefs seriously. Whether we’re its creationism, sin and rebellion, or the good news of assurance, we’re always in need of new insights, moral support, and spiritual guidance. As you read this book, it’s my hope and prayer that this will be accomplished!

Book Synopsis: God’s Solution to the Doubting Dilemma was written for all those who have experienced doubts!

Are you facing doubting dilemmas that challenge you, doubts you find extremely annoying, the kind that are messing up your Christian life? Do you want to discover real solutions that are biblical, effective, and easy to understand? If the answer is yes, then this book offers the answers you are seeking!

Readers will discover the reasons why believers in Christ, like everyone else, have doubting quandaries about such significant topics as God, the Bible, especially the story of creation. In presenting the only effective solution that comes through God’s grace, this book will unveil the intimate relationship between heaven’s rebellion and the creation event. It will also reveal why there is such an aggressive, present-day effort to present the creation story as a myth or parable rather than a literal, historical event.

If you would like to explore more of God’s solutions to the doubts in your heart, then this book’s for you!