Below are my published articles with links to the article (or magazine issue that contains the article) on the world wide web.

2010 Worldviews Make a World of Difference, The Journal of Adventist Education, Volume 73, Issue 2

2005 Heresy of the Human Heart, Adventist Review, Nov 24, pp 23-26

1998 Worldviews and Religion, an upper division secondary textbook in The Crossroads Series , Pacific Press Publishing

1997 Christianity as a World Religion, (21-lesson unit), half of the 10th grade religion Textbook, HIS Story in Our Time.

1995 Thirteen Lessons, for the 9th grade secondary textbooks, In the Beginning God and God’s Gift, Our Choice.

1984 Tips for Better Bible TeachingThe Journal of Adventist Education, Volume 47, Issue 1

1977 The Divine Art of Self-AcceptanceAdvent Review and Sabbath Herald, March 10, pp 11-12

1974 Grasping for Greatness, Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, July 4, pp 4-5

1974 Love and the Great Controversy, Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, November 14, pp 14-15