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Why I Wrote the Book:  For many Adventists, the one doctrine that deeply divides and troubles them is the pre-advent judgment. Unfortunately, too often it is a “dreaded dilemma” rather than “great news.” That’s the way it was for me as a child, a youth, and even as an adult. During that time I didn’t see the judgment as something joyful and Christ-centered. No, I saw the bright lights of the judgment focused on me and I was afraid! I saw myself standing in line, a line I desperately wanted to get out of but didn’t know how!

Not understanding the judgment within the context of God’s never-ending love and grace, it came across as a frightening event. After all, wouldn’t any sin not confessed or overcome would certainly keep me out of God’s kingdom? I later discovered, to my dismay, that such anxiety and misgivings were typically held by students I had in my academy classes. In fact, it was one of the main reasons people were leaving the Adventist church. Although our church believes in the certainty of God’s judgment, at the same time, most Adventists have a lack of certainty when it comes to being prepared for this event. That’s what inspired me to write this book.

Book Synopsis:  No biblical theme raises more fear or discouragement among Adventists than God’s judgments, especially the pre-advent judgment. However, there is great news!

In Judgment: Great News or Dreaded Dilemma, Gordon reveals how our fear disappears when we accept Jesus, the righteous One, as our Substitute in the judgment. Learn how God’s judgment illustrates His purpose of universal restoration and vindication in the context of His covenant, grace, and justification. Through a loving God’s offer of justification by faith we can stand confidently in the judgment with Christ our Advocate.

Discover joy in salvation by faith in Christ alone, that the pre-advent judgment is Christ-centered, not man-centered; it is not what you have done but what He has done for you! Judgment does not question your decision to accept Christ’s sacrifice; it validates the decision you’ve already made! Finally, readers will find peaceful assurance that eternity won’t begin until every human question has been answered to our satisfaction in the judgment.