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Why I Wrote the book: Laughter and Other Gifts of God. I chose to write about laughter because since I was a child laughing and smiling came naturally for me. Even when it might have been inappropriate, I did it anyway. And the harder I tried not to, the easier it was to do. Some of you know all about that!

I am thankful for a sense of humor that has always been in good working order. That was especially helpful for me, not only as a teacher, but also as a husband, a father, or just a friend. But the laughter that is most beneficial is when I laugh at myself; it can heal, soothe, and release built up tension. Most of all, when talking about some painful experience of the past, God enables me to laugh about it … because I know He’s still in charge. It is really wonderful to just sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy a hearty laugh. Believe me, reading this book will help you to do exactly that!

Book Synopsis:  In Laughter and Other Gifts of God, Gordon demonstrates how essential it is to understand the source and significance of laughter, humor, and joy. The author offers compelling reasons why these dynamic qualities need to be motivated and governed by God’s love and grace. Discover how laughter is a valuable reflection of God Himself! It is a potent force that stirs you to see another side of things. It may also nudge you toward a new understanding of God and why the most wasted day is the one in which you haven’t laughed.

The book uses Scripture, scientific research, and humorous stories to answer significant questions: Why do we laugh and what does our laughter say about us? The book demonstrates laughter is not an innocent, neutral, or impartial activity but one with an agenda. Learn how your laughter and sense of humor usually reflect your innermost thoughts and feelings. Find out how a healthy lifestyle includes laughter-that by walking with Jesus, you can experience joy at every stage of your life.