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Why I Wrote the Book:  When I began teaching Bible in the 1960’s I developed a simple but effective way of explaining the underlying theme of the Bible. This “big picture” of the Scripture, which connects the Old and New Testament, is generally referred to as the great controversy. This was accomplished by taking five key biblical events and presenting each in a three-step sequence: the three steps in Lucifer’s rebellion, the three temptations in Eden, the three temptations of Jesus, the three angels’ messages, and ending with the three demonic spirits of Revelation 16. This series of events are very persuasive and powerful in tying the whole Bible together!

Through the years as I continued to discuss this with my students, it gave me the opportunity to develop and expand more fully the profound significance and implications of this spiritual concept.  Yes, this book brings it all together for you!

The Battle for You Synopsis:  You are probably missing the big picture. We are all finite beings, trying to grasp the nature of an infinite God. God’s Word is the revelation of a grand story—the chronicle of a battle between evil and redemption. It’s the only story that really matters. The patterns are not instantly visible, but, in The Battle for You, Gordon Kainer shows us that if we look closer, there is a central narrative that fuels the Scriptures and gives them meaning.

This is a conflict not only of cosmic proportion but also of personal significance. We see glimpses of our God’s face only in the dark depths and in the triumphs of this controversy. God’s story and Satan\’s story are at war. Whom will you believe?