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Why I Wrote the Book: A lot of my friends were claiming that Allah was the same for both Christians and Muslims. I wanted to investigate that claim and the results of my discovery became a significant part of this book

Book Synopsis: Why Ask Questions About Islam: Answers Christians Need to Know was written for all who want answers about Islam

Across the world, Islam appears in eye-catching headlines. We may be aware of what is happening but often we don’t understand why. Most Christians have unanswered questions about Islam, don’t we?

Readers will discover answers to questions such as these: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Does it matter whether one is a Muslim or a Christian? How does Islam view love, sin, salvation, and forgiveness? Is a Muslim’s view of Jesus different than a Christian’s? What does Bible prophecy say about Islam? How best should a Christian witness to a Muslim? This book answers over 100 questions Christians ask about Islam, and in so doing, reveals Islam’s greatest need: a saving faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you want to gain a highly informative perspective as Islam that is thoughtfully studied and evaluated within the framework of a biblical worldview, then this book is for you!