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Why I Wrote the Book: During my secondary teaching career I taught an evening college class for students who wanted to become Bible teachers. On one occasion someone asked: “How do you respond to a question you can’t answer?” My reply: Admit you don’t know and move on!

It’s not by accident that the first recorded words of Jesus in the Bible is a question (Luke 2:49)! The fact that people ask questions usually means there are things they really didn’t know or understand. So there’s nothing wrong in asking questions, to search and find out, to learn and grow. So buy the book and come learn with me!

Book Synopsis: Straight Answers to 35 Tough Questions was written for all those who have experience troubling questions that they are still seeking answers for!

Bob Dylan once wrote: “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.” For most of us, the most important answers don’t come that easily!

My book deals with 35 difficult and troubling questions from a biblical perspective, such as:

  • Will our pets go to heaven?
  • What does it mean to be perfect?
  • Will there be sex in heaven?
  • Is God omniscient all the time?

At times, it may appear that a question has no answer. My book encourages readers to confront the tough questions through a biblical perspective so that we may discover God’s reassuring and redemptive answers.